We deliver customer and market insights which enable our property clients to develop the most dynamic and innovative property solutions.

About us

Since 2011, we have gained a reputation in the property sector for unlocking project possibilities through a progressive and adaptable mindset. Our commissions involve a complex challenge, which requires our clients to embrace change and seize future opportunities.

The value of our process

The value of a place is determined by how effectively it resonates with visitors through the experience and interactions on offer. Brickfields Consulting partners with property owners and operators to deliver long-term return on investment by creating strategies that encourage customers to visit, stay longer, spend more money and pay a premium for products or services. The financial benefits are measured by customers returning more often and becoming advocates for the destination.
Over time, these places develop a competitive advantage allowing them to command a price premium and achieve financial returns above the market average. In turn, these economic measurables also contribute to increases in the value of a property asset.

How we help you innovate

Brickfields Consulting offers a range of services covering four broad capabilities: user research, market strategy, customer experience and design activation. We provide custom strategy solutions as well as standard research and strategic tools.

Understanding the behaviours and aspirations of your customers, visitors or residents to better respond to their needs, thereby increasing conversion, spend and the ability to charge a premium

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Positioning your place in the market through a distinct and valued proposition, which will support a long-term competitive advantage

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Providing an experience that aligns the market perception with the actual delivery, leading to increased rates of satisfaction, dwell times and repeat visitation

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Staging the types of on-site interactions with customers, visitors and residents that support the social vitality, which in turn ensure the long-term financial viability of your place

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Meet our team

The Brickfield’s team is comprised of highly skilled individuals who deliver industry leading service.

Images: Priscilla Barbosa

David Grant

Research Director

Jeanette Lambert

Strategy Director

Belinda Lord

Client Director

Heidi Krohn

Client Manager

Stephanie Bhim

Senior Strategist

Julie Flestado


Stefanie Matosevic

Senior Strategist

Priscilla Barbosa

Business Coordinator

Natalia Gordin


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