We deliver customer and market insights which enable our property clients to develop the most dynamic and innovative property solutions.

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Brickfields Consulting offer specialist property research and strategy consultancy. By unlocking market knowledge, we enable you to capture the true value of your assets. It is our belief that only in understanding your market, can owners fully realise the potential of place. This belief has created a market reputation which is built on a decade-long track record of delivering innovative solutions through an adaptable mindset.

The value of our process

The value of a place is determined by how effectively it resonates with visitors through the experience and interactions on offer. Brickfields Consulting partners with property owners and operators to deliver long-term return on investment by creating strategies that encourage customers to visit, stay longer, spend more money and pay a premium for products or services. The financial benefits are measured by customers returning more often and becoming advocates for the destination.
Over time, these places develop a competitive advantage allowing them to command a price premium and achieve financial returns above the market average. In turn, these economic measurables also contribute to increases in the value of a property asset.

How we help you innovate

Brickfields Consulting offers a range of services covering four broad capabilities: user research, market strategy, customer experience and design activation. We provide custom strategy solutions as well as standard research and strategic tools.
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Understanding the behaviours and aspirations of your customers, visitors or residents to better respond to their needs, thereby increasing conversion, spend and the ability to charge a premium


Positioning your place in the market through a distinct and valued proposition, which will support a long-term competitive advantage


Providing an experience that aligns the market perception with the actual delivery, leading to increased rates of satisfaction, dwell times and repeat visitation


Staging the types of on-site interactions with customers, visitors and residents that support the social vitality, which in turn ensure the long-term financial viability of your place

How can we

help you build

your business?

How do I continue to attract new customers?

Activation Strategy

A framework for programming your asset

Service overview

Establishing a framework of temporary experiences which maximises the appeal of your place through continual change


Asset owners and developers, marketing and operations team

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What satisfies my customers?

Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for offices, Office Parks and Industrial Estates (B2C)

Service overview

Measuring the various experiential factors driving loyalty to determine where you should invest for financial gain


Landlords seeking to understand the satisfaction levels of their tenants and how best to make the relationships stronger.

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How do remain relevant in a competitive market?

Development Vision

Future Vision Definition for Property Developers

Service overview

Understanding the competitive forces to reposition your place for future growth


Asset developers or owners developing new assets or re-developing existing ones.

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How do we grow our business partnerships?

Engagement Satisfaction (ESAT)

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for Property Owners (B2B)

Service overview

Measuring the satisfaction levels of your industry partners in relation to your competitors


Landlords seeking to understand the satisfaction levels of their partners and suppliers and how best to leverage the relationships for mutual benefit.

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How satisfied are my customers?


Always on Customer Sentiment

Service overview

Monitoring your customer relationship through a real time feedback metric which is specifically designed for property


Asset managers and owners

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What is going to appeal to my customer?

Place Customer Profile

Qualitative Profiling for Property Owners

Service overview

Knowing your customer on a deeper level through qualitative and ethnographic profiling


Any asset owner, developer or manager seeking in-depth insight into key audiences that visit their place.

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Who are my customers?

Place IQ

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for Public Places

Service overview

Profiling your local area customers to understand what defines their demographics and lifestyle


Any asset owner, developer or manager who seeks in-depth insight into key audiences

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How do we attract a broader audience to grow market share?

Precinct Positioning

Defining the offer of each area of your development

Service overview

Defining an identity for each precinct within a wider development site to capture the maximum financial potential


Asset owners and developers, leasing and marketing teams.

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What is our distinct market proposition?

Place Value Proposition

Future Market Positioning for Property Owners and Developers

Service overview

Defining the overarching vision for a place to align all areas of future decision-making to a business outcome


This framework is a tool for asset owners, developers and operators that informs design, retail and leasing mix, activation, customer experience and marketing activities across the entire site.

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How do I stay one step ahead of the competition?

Global Trends Reporting/ Best Practise Research

Global Qualitative Trends Reporting

Service overview

Analysing consumer behaviours to identify the critical trends which could growth or challenge your place in the future


Asset owners and operators who are looking to introduce new ideas and practical solutions.

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How do we retain commercial tenants?

Workplace Efficiencies and Behaviours Benchmark (WEBB)™

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for Professional Workplaces

Service overview

Profiling workplace occupants to better understand their unique set of needs, with a view to foster retention


Companies that are contemplating a redesign or move to a new workplace environment; architectural teams that require further insights to inform a design solution; or commercial asset owners that require insight into how they can serve the needs of their tenants.

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Meet our team

The Brickfield’s team is comprised of highly skilled individuals who deliver industry leading service.

Images: Priscilla Barbosa

David Grant

Managing Director

Jeanette Lambert


Belinda Lord

General Manager

Samantha Choudhury

Associate Director

Stefanie Matosevic

Senior Strategist

Stephanie Bhim

Associate Director

Heidi Krohn

Procedure & Operations Analyst

We are excited to announce that @brickfields_consulting has been shortlisted in @theurbandeveloper Awards 🥇 - Excellence in Commercial Innovation with COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker.

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New podcast out!
@brickfields_consulting Research Director David Grant joined @hassell_studio for Re-emerge Resilient: What can trends tell us about the future for cities, spaces and designers?
The conversation was inspired by Brickfields’ trend report Reawakened Spaces and we talk to HASSELL’s global Principals including, @Angus.Bruce(London), @lizwestgarth (Sydney), @chongwang4 (Shanghai), and @r_mullane (San Francisco) about what comes next for our cities and urban spaces in a post- COVID world.
Link in the bio.
Animation by @matthiaswidjaja

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A kind reminder to all our followers to touch base with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours regularly to see how they are doing 💛#areuokay

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Live Webinar Coming Up!
Join our Associate Director, @stephaniebhim as she shares insights from our latest trend report: ‘Reawakened Spaces’.
Registration link in the bio!

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Let us introduce you all to David Grant, Managing Director and founder of @brickfields_consulting
With over 12 years market research and strategy experience, David has developed progressive solutions for some of Australia’s most valuable property destinations and physical assets.
Providing insights through research, his approach ensures that places develop a competitive advantage, command a price premium and achieve financial returns above the market.

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Research and Insights are part of the unique set of services @brickfields_consulting provide.
These services are based on standard practices but
customised for the needs of the
owners and occupants of places.
Get in touch with our team to find out more!
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Brickfields Live Webinar: COVID-19 Response Planning for Office and Retail May 11th, 4pm (AEST)
Join David Grant, Research Director at @brickfields_consulting as he compares the shifting sentiment in retail customer and office workers – and the emerging opportunities for asset owners. The findings are up to the minute, tracking sentiment over April and May 2020 via the COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker (CBIT) research tool.
Click the link in the bio to register.

Customer Satisfaction Metric (CSAT) is a quantitative research benchmarking for offices, office parks and industrial estates.
CSAT measures the various experiential factors driving loyalty to determine where you should invest for financial gain.
This is a great research tool for landlords seeking to understand the satisfaction levels of their tenants and how best to make the relationship stronger.
Get in touch with us to find out more!

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Who wore it better? Polka dots vs stripes. @brickfields_consulting team daily Zoom catch ups. ☎️

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@brickfields_consulting and Skyfii are proud to launch the COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker –
a research product to help retail and commercial property owners navigate the crisis and stay in business.
The tool collects accurate customer and tenant sentiment regarding the COVID-19 changes – specifically tailored to designated trade areas. The insights uncovered provide certainty during this period of immense change – equipping property owners to make targeted decisions, reduce risk, and seize future opportunities as they arise.
Have a look at the link in our bio or contact our General Manager Belinda Lord (belinda.lord@brickfields.com) if you would like to set up a call to find out more! ⠀⠀
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To our clients and partners,
We would like to reassure you all that Brickfields will stay fully operational throughout the period of social distancing.
Our team will be working from home for the next couple of weeks, and are available on email and mobile during this period.
We will use Zoom video conferencing for all our meetings and will hold our workshops online if required. For our interstate clients this won’t pose much change, as we are well versed in remote collaboration.
It’s important to us that our clients’ business and projects continue to flourish, so we intend to still deliver all the project work within the prearranged timeframes.
Business as usual despite the difficult times!
Look after yourself friends! •


Our Associate Director Samantha Choudhury was interviewed at @plannersundertheinfluence podcast. It’s a great episode so please take a moment to listen to her story and all the industry insights. Link below!

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Are you an asset owner or developer and after detailed insights into your key audience?
Place IQ is Quantitative Research Benchmarking that help profile your local area customers to understand what defines their demographics and lifestyle.
This way you can attract and develop loyalty with key customer groups through strategies that response to the insights from the research.
Get in touch with @brickfields_consulting to find out more!

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