We deliver customer and market insights which enable our property clients to develop the most dynamic and innovative property solutions.

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About us

Brickfields Consulting offer specialist property research and strategy consultancy. By unlocking market knowledge, we enable you to capture the true value of your assets. It is our belief that only in understanding your market, can owners fully realise the potential of place. This belief has created a market reputation which is built on a decade-long track record of delivering innovative solutions through an adaptable mindset.

The value of our process

The value of a place is determined by how effectively it resonates with visitors through the experience and interactions on offer. Brickfields Consulting partners with property owners and operators to deliver long-term return on investment by creating strategies that encourage customers to visit, stay longer, spend more money and pay a premium for products or services. The financial benefits are measured by customers returning more often and becoming advocates for the destination.
Over time, these places develop a competitive advantage allowing them to command a price premium and achieve financial returns above the market average. In turn, these economic measurables also contribute to increases in the value of a property asset.

How we help you innovate

Brickfields Consulting offers a range of services covering four broad capabilities: user research, market strategy, customer experience and design activation. We provide custom strategy solutions as well as standard research and strategic tools.
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Understanding the behaviours and aspirations of your customers, visitors or residents to better respond to their needs, thereby increasing conversion, spend and the ability to charge a premium


Positioning your place in the market through a distinct and valued proposition, which will support a long-term competitive advantage


Providing an experience that aligns the market perception with the actual delivery, leading to increased rates of satisfaction, dwell times and repeat visitation


Staging the types of on-site interactions with customers, visitors and residents that support the social vitality, which in turn ensure the long-term financial viability of your place

How can we

help you build

your business?

How do I continue to attract new customers?

Activation Strategy

A framework for programming your asset

Service overview

Establishing a framework of temporary experiences which maximises the appeal of your place through continual change


Asset owners and developers, marketing and operations team

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What satisfies my customers?

Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for offices, Office Parks and Industrial Estates (B2C)

Service overview

Measuring the various experiential factors driving loyalty to determine where you should invest for financial gain


Landlords seeking to understand the satisfaction levels of their tenants and how best to make the relationships stronger.

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How do remain relevant in a competitive market?

Development Vision

Future Vision Definition for Property Developers

Service overview

Understanding the competitive forces to reposition your place for future growth


Asset developers or owners developing new assets or re-developing existing ones.

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How do we grow our business partnerships?

Engagement Satisfaction (ESAT)

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for Property Owners (B2B)

Service overview

Measuring the satisfaction levels of your industry partners in relation to your competitors


Landlords seeking to understand the satisfaction levels of their partners and suppliers and how best to leverage the relationships for mutual benefit.

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How satisfied are my customers?


Always on Customer Sentiment

Service overview

Monitoring your customer relationship through a real time feedback metric which is specifically designed for property


Asset managers and owners

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What is going to appeal to my customer?

Place Customer Profile

Qualitative Profiling for Property Owners

Service overview

Knowing your customer on a deeper level through qualitative and ethnographic profiling


Any asset owner, developer or manager seeking in-depth insight into key audiences that visit their place.

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Who are my customers?

Place IQ

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for Public Places

Service overview

Profiling your local area customers to understand what defines their demographics and lifestyle


Any asset owner, developer or manager who seeks in-depth insight into key audiences

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How do we attract a broader audience to grow market share?

Precinct Positioning

Defining the offer of each area of your development

Service overview

Defining an identity for each precinct within a wider development site to capture the maximum financial potential


Asset owners and developers, leasing and marketing teams.

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What is our distinct market proposition?

Place Value Proposition

Future Market Positioning for Property Owners and Developers

Service overview

Defining the overarching vision for a place to align all areas of future decision-making to a business outcome


This framework is a tool for asset owners, developers and operators that informs design, retail and leasing mix, activation, customer experience and marketing activities across the entire site.

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How do I stay one step ahead of the competition?

Global Trends Reporting/ Best Practise Research

Global Qualitative Trends Reporting

Service overview

Analysing consumer behaviours to identify the critical trends which could growth or challenge your place in the future


Asset owners and operators who are looking to introduce new ideas and practical solutions.

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How do we retain commercial tenants?

Workplace Efficiencies and Behaviours Benchmark (WEBB)™

Quantitative Research Benchmarking for Professional Workplaces

Service overview

Profiling workplace occupants to better understand their unique set of needs, with a view to foster retention


Companies that are contemplating a redesign or move to a new workplace environment; architectural teams that require further insights to inform a design solution; or commercial asset owners that require insight into how they can serve the needs of their tenants.

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Meet our team

The Brickfield’s team is comprised of highly skilled individuals who deliver industry leading service.

Images: Priscilla Barbosa

David Grant

Managing Director

Jeanette Lambert


Belinda Lord

General Manager

Stephanie Bhim

Associate Director

Be in the know

Stay up to date with the latest research and trend reports from Brickfields Consulting.

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      Even though nothing beats running workshops and research face-to-face – we had a great time in lockdown engaging our clients with some excellent platforms. Here are a couple of our fave platforms and sessions:

      We ran a workshop series with a major airport on their future proposition and onsite experience via Miro online whiteboard.
      The platform is great for working sessions with big groups – allowing collaboration with all manner of post-its and polls!

      We also ran online focus groups with 50 participants to help a premium residential developer understand specific audience needs for a new development. We did this via Recollective which allowed us to facilitate visual activities and quantify the qual data 🤓.

      While we’ll be getting back to in-person sessions as soon as we can, these tools will be a mainstay as they’ve widened our capacity to research remotely, regionally and internationally.

      Exciting times ahead!

      Happy 5-Year Anniversary at Brickfields Consulting to our dear team member - Associate Director and Urban Trend Expert Stephanie Bhim!

      Stephanie is a strategist and researcher specialising in placemaking and urban development. You’ll find her running our qualitative studies and interrogating the human drivers behind the trends. Her end goal to create places that support existing and future communities in tailored and sustainable ways.

      Stephanie brings a diverse skill set to Brickfields Consulting, coming from a background in interior architecture, environment design and design research.

      In her free time, she likes to make delicious pate, paint, and swim in the ocean in all seasons!

      #brickfieldsconsulting #team #researcher #urbandesigner #urbantrends #teamanniversary

      Brickfields Consulting were commissioned to run an NPS+ customer sentiment survey for Frasers Property Australia's Burwood Brickworks earlier this year.
      The team are now better equipped with targeted knowledge to guide investment and support their customers in more meaningful ways.
      Get in touch to find out how we can help your commercial asset with customer research!
      Read the full article under the link in our bio.

      #research #customerexperience #customerresearch #shoppingcentre #sustainable #brickfieldsconsulting

      Meet Belinda, our wonderful General Manager who brings a human touch to everything she does!

      Belinda brings over 20 years client management experience to the team and has a background in brand consultancy and more recently, property marketing.
      At Brickfields, Belinda combines her passion for design and customer experience, every day
      striving for outcomes that exceed expectations.
      With her exceptional positivity, Belinda lights up the room – adding extra warmth and sparkle to our culture at Brickfields.

      It’s also Belinda’s birthday today so on behalf of whole Brickfields family; Happiest Birthday Belinda, we love having you in the team!

      #brickfieldsconsulting #generalmanager #team #sydney #propertyconsultants #propertystrategy #propertyresearch

      Brickfields team - This picture is worth a thousand words!
      We are lucky to have such a talented team that feels like a family. Coming to work is always a great pleasure with these humans!

      Back from left is Stefanie Matosevic (Senior Strategist), Jeanette Lambert (CEO), David Grant (Managing Director)
      Front from left is Belinda Lord (General Manager), Stephanie Bhim (Associate Director) and Heidi Krohn (Project Manager).

      #team #loveyourwork #brickfieldsconsulting #placemakers #placestrategists #urbandesigners

      Happy International Women’s Day from @brickfields_consulting !
      Our wonderful leader David Grant, who always patiently works with 5 women, remembered us today with beautiful flowers!

      It is great to have these powerful, intelligent and kind women in the team!

      #womeninbusiness #womensday2021 #supportwomeninbusiness #placeleaders #placemaking #urbandesign #urbanmakers #brickfieldsconsulting

      Undeniably, high levels of car ownership place a significant toll on urban liveability and global emissions. Yet for many it is a lifestyle convenience or necessity which is hard to give up. To counteract this, developers and city governments are implementing strategies to reduce car usage – primarily by making it inconvenient. In doing so, public space is reclaimed, and walkability enhanced. The commercial incentive is the creation of places that are more liveable, attractive to talent and tourism.

      A key example of a low-car development is the district of Ørestaden in Copenhagen. Car ownership is disincentivised by the absence of street parking, having the city’s most expensive parking permits, and locating free parking 1 kilometre from the village centre. The proposed district of Merwede in the Netherlands also uses similar tactics, with parking being highly expensive, unallocated, and at a ratio of one space for every three households.

      For more key trends set to positively shape our neighbourhoods, download the full Nimble Neighbourhoods report under the link in our bio.

      Image courtesy of @bura_urbanism and @okra_landschapsarchitecten

      #carfree #carfreeneighborhood #sustainableliving #ecofriendlyliving #planetandpeople #placemaking #urbandesign #citydesign #townplanning #cities #futurecity #brickfieldsconsulting

      Another angle to sustainable neighbourhood is the championing of eco-conscious businesses to influence consumer choice.
      One particular initiative is “Think Sustainably”, launched by the @demoshelsinki think tank and supported by the City of Helsinki government.

      Local businesses, galleries and restaurants are scored based on environmental and social sustainability criteria which include accessibility, discrimination prevention, waste management and greenhouse emissions, among other metrics.
      The @myhelsinki - MyHelsinki.fi website (responsible for marketing the city) displays a green seal on participating businesses, allowing visitors and locals to make eco-minded choices.
      We need more initiatives like this!

      Read the full article on how to drive sustainable neighborhoods through link in the bio!
      Image sourced from Helsinki Marketing.

      #planetandpeople #sustainableliving #sustainability #myhelsinki #placemaking #urban #urbandesign #placeintelligence #brickfieldsconsulting

      Collective pride and identity:

      Cities and towns are beginning to reframe their identities through the lens of environmental issues on which they take an active stance whilst simultaneously encouraging greener choices by residents and visitors.
      In the United Kingdom, 705 communities have achieved “plastic-free” status from @surfersagainstsewage (SAS), a national maritime charity which unites whole communities against single-use plastic, including straws, cutlery, carry bags and coffee cups.

      Putting it into practice:

      For developers and local councils, consider creating similar ‘sustainable toolkits’ or cheat sheets with your communities to achieve eco outcomes in ways that are easy, share responsibility and take a long-term approach.

      This is one of the chapters in the latest Brickfields article ‘Three ways to drive sustainability in our neighbourhoods’.
      You can find the full article link in our bio.

      Images courtesy of Third Nature, featured Place Edition #57: Nimble Neighborhoods.

      #sustainableliving #neighborhood #sustainableneighborhoods #architecture #placemaking #trends #planet #peopleandplanet #urbanplanning #citymaking

      It has been quite a year with plenty of challenges – but as with all testing times, there comes growth and new opportunities.
      During this year Brickfields created the COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker, lent our critical view to the @abcnews_au and @bbc helped our residential clients to prosper, and supported our commercial asset owners with workplace strategies to navigate the COVID changes.
      Most importantly our nimble team has come out even stronger!
      We want to thank all our clients and partners for collaborating through this unusual year, it’s been a pleasure to navigate the changes with you.
      Merry Christmas , Happy New Year – and here’s to a brighter 2021!

      #brickfieldsconsulting #christmas2020 #newyear #placemaking #property #consultant

      Cheers to all the @globalsisters !
      It was great to talk to these wonderful women about the challenges they have experienced during this difficult year.
      @brickfields_consulting also got the chance to share the latest retail trend insights that can help all these strong women start a new exciting year!

      #globalsisters #globaltrend #retailtrends #retailinsights #place #placemaking #propertystrategy #placeintelligence #brickfieldsconsulting

      We are excited to announce that @brickfields_consulting has been shortlisted in @theurbandeveloper Awards 🥇 - Excellence in Commercial Innovation with COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker.

      #theurbandeveloper #awards #commercialproperty #innovation #covid_19 #research #placeinnovation #placemaking #brickfieldsconsulting #propertyconsultant

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